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Mouse left to walk forward is madness


On console the gamepad is the way to play and the ones that matter are Xbox360, XboxOne, PS3, PS4, Wii U Pro Controller and WiiU gamepad. Below is a table of them with the official name for the button or stick and a short tag for each one. The tag is the short one i use when referring to it in a design doc :).

  • Left stick is often used to move around.
  • Right stick is often used to look around.
  • A is the common ok or forward button in menus.
  • B is the common cancel or back button in menus.
 Xbox One PS3 PS4 Wii Pro Wii Gamepad Steam Controller
 BB B Circle Circle
 A A B
 XX X Square Square Y Y X
 YY Y Triangle Triangle X X Y
  Select Select Back
 StartStartMenu Start Options Start Start Start
 LSLeft StickLeft Stick Left Stick
 Left Stick Left Stick
 Left Stick
 RSRight StickRight Stick Right Stick
 Right Stick Right Stick
 Right Stick
 Right Pad
 D-pad D-pad
 D-pad D-pad Left Pad
 LBLeft Bumper
Left Bumper
 L1 L1 L L LB
 RBRight Bumper
Right Bumper
 R1 R1 R R RB
 LTLeft Trigger
Left Trigger
 RTRight Trigger
Right Trigger
 LSBLeft Stick Click
Left Stick Click
 L3 L3 Left Stick C
 Left Stick C
 Stick Click
 RSBRight Stick Click
Right Stick Click
 R3 R3 Right Stick C
 Right Stick C
 Right Pad Click
    Touch Pad
  Touch Screen
    Touch Button

Keyboard & Mouse
WASD is used to move around.
The mouse is used to look around.
Space to run
Left Shift to jump
Left Control to crouch