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Perspective is the way the player see the game. A game can use more then one but one will often be the dominant one.

View directly from above with camera looking down. Can be used with parallel or perspective projection.  
Game world seen from the side. Named after classic games that scrolled to the sides but often possible to move up or down. 

First-person perspective
Seen from the viewpoint of the player avatar. So in a car one would sit in the driver seat and in a character the view would be from the eyes. 

Third-Person Fixed
This is a game where the view of the game is shown from static viewpoints in the game world. Like there are sequrity cameras everywhere watching the player character. As the avatar walks from one place to another the game switches camera as needed to keep the avatar in view. Variations of this is cameras that turned to look at the player or follow the player along a track.  
Third-Person Tracking
Camera is behind character and and the player has no direct control over it. As the player character looks around the camera try to move along and provide the best view.

Third-Person Interactive
Camera is default behind the character but the player can modify it by for example changing the distance to the character or looking around.