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Unreal AutomationTool
The Unreal AutomationTool (UAT) is a system to script the Unreal engine. It can be run from the command line with the RunUAT batch file. Commands given to UAT will be run sequentially. After a command arguments are listed. Commands exist in the form of commandlets .

RunUAT.bat Command1 [Arg1 Arg2...] Command2 [Arg3 Arg4…] ...
  • -Help               Shows help and options for AutomationTool in general, or (when specified after a command name) help for that particular command.
  • -List               Displays a list of all available AutomationTool commands.

Commandlets are command line program the run inside the Unreal Engine environment. They can be run from command line use UE4Editor-cmd with project file, -run=name and then parameters. 

UE4Editor-cmd projectname -run=resavepackages -buildlighting -allowcommandletrendering -allmaps

Builds/Cooks/Runs a project.

 -project: Project path (required).
  True if build step should be executed
 -clean wipe intermediate folders before building
 -targetplatform target platforms for building, cooking and deployment (also -Platform).
 -cook Use cooked data
 -pak generate a pak file
 -stage put this build in a stage directory
 -archive put this build in an archive directory
 -archivedirectory Directory to archive the builds to
 run the game after it is built (including server, if -server)
 -map Map to run the game with


* BuildGraph custom script
* Script (XML) based system part of UAT
* Samples in Engine/Build/Graph/Examples
* Agents: groups of nodes executed on the same build machine
* Nodes: Sequences of tasks
* Task: Build process step (updating, compiling, etc)

* BuildGraph InstallBuild script
* Like your own Unreal launcher
* Created to deploy non editable builds (Engine/Build/InstalledEgine/Build.xml)
* Easy for designers and artists
* Engine build only, not for projects.
* RunUAT BuildGraph


This commandlets let us perform operation on selected assets and then re save them.

 -buildlighting  Determine if we are building lighting for the map packages on the pass
 -onlymaterials process packages containing materials
 Resave selected maps. Seperate names with +.
  Don't resave any maps.
 -MapsOnly Only resave the maps.
 -ProjectOnly  Do not resave any engine packages.
 No developer packages.
 -OnlyDeveloperFolders  Developers Developers Developers
 -OnlyUnversioned whether we should only save packages with changelist zero
 Set quality. Default Production.
 -AutoCheckOut if we should auto checkout packages that need to be saved
 -AutoCheckIn If we should auto checkin packages that were checked out
 -SkipCheckedOutPackages should simply skip checked out files rather than error-ing out



  • github.com/AxRiff/UnrealEngineJenkins
  • github.com/jenkinsci/slack-plugin
  • github.com/codedance/retaliationgithub.com/gpageot/jenkinseu4
  • github.com/electronicarts/eacopy
  • https://www.slideshare.net/EpicGamesJapan/press-button-drink-coffee-an-overview-of-ue4-build-pipeline-and-maintenance