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Version Control

Unreal supports Perforce (Unreal perforce docs), Subversion (Unreal svn docs) and PlasticSCM to be used as version control system.  

Guidelines for version control with Unreal
  • Only checkout assets you are working on so you do not block others.
  • Put working copy of projects in the root drives to avoid problems with windows path lengths.
  • Split up assets to make it possible for people to work on different parts of something.
    • Behavioir trees
    • Levels - Ex logic, lighting, audio, environment. 
    • Materials
    • Blueprint function library
    • Gameplay ability system
    • Subanimations
    • Animation linking
    • ActorComponents

What folders and files should be put into the VCS
If you have third-party libraries in /Binaries also include them but not the binaries built from your project.

/build          /config     /content        /source     .uproject      

What folders and files should be ignored by the VCS

/Intermediate   /Saved     

Version Control Fundamentals - 2020
Tools and Infrastructure for Large Teams - 2019
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