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Things you did run-time are now done at startup
Things you did at startup is now done offline

DirectX 12 is a low level API like Vulkan and Metal. It can be used on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

  • Startup - The basic steps to setup for DirectX 12 rendering.
  • Memory - How to handle the memory of all cool resources you will need.
  • Assets - Creat root signatures and PSO's.
  • Resources - Create and load the resources
  • Binding - Tell your shaders where it can find the resources.
  • Command: All the command list use the same ID3D12GraphicsCommandList interface.
  • Synchronize - Make the CPU and GPU talk to each other.
  • Shutdown - How to end things in a nice way.
  • HLSL - Used to write shaders.
  • Guidelines - Generic hints and details about specific hardware vendors.

Announcing new DirectX 12 features

Vertex Shader Tricks by Bill Bilodeau - AMD at GDC14  - 2014