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Things you did run-time are now done at startup
Things you did at startup is now done offline

DirectX 12 is a low level API like Vulkan and Metal. It can be used on Windows 10 and Xbox One. DirectX11 is the version before that can be used on Windows Vista and above.

  • Startup - The basic steps to setup for DirectX 12 rendering.
  • Memory - How to handle the memory of all cool resources you will need.
  • Assets - Creat root signatures and PSO's.
  • Resources - Create and load the resources
  • Binding - Tell your shaders where it can find the resources.
  • Command: All the command list use the same ID3D12GraphicsCommandList interface.
  • Synchronize - Make the CPU and GPU talk to each other.
  • Shutdown - How to end things in a nice way.
  • HLSL - Used to write shaders.
  • Guidelines - Generic hints and details about specific hardware vendors.

New in DirectX— Feature Level 12_2

Binding Bindlessly