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Best used when connected to a TV

The information on this page is all from the public information in the links below.

The CPU is a eight-core AMD Jaguar at 1.75 GHz. The cores are split into two groups that each have a 2 MB L2 cache. Each core has a 32 kB L1 instruction and data caches.

AMD Radeon GCN GPU. DirectX11 or DirectX12.

8 GB DDR3 and 32 MB eSRAM. The main memory is shared by the CPU and GPU. The eSRAM is used by the GPU. Memory is accessed with the following buses.
  • CPU Bus: 30 GiB/s
  • Cache Bus: 30 GiB/s bus for shared data by the CPU and GPU.
  • Non-cache bus: 68 GiB/s for data used exclusively by the GPU.
  • eSRAM bus: 204 GiB/s for the GPU.

Xbox One Controller and the new Kintect. Early on Kintect it was a must have device that was sold with the console but now it is a optional one.