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If the VCS command most used is blame your company has a bad development culture.

Version control systems are used to keep track of changes to source code or any other type of digital documents. My current choice is to use Mercurial with a central repository that everyone sync with.

A centralized system such as CVS/SVN keeps the database on a server. Each action such as show a log of changes require the server to be queryed for information. A distributed system such as HG/GIT keeps the whole database in each working copy so no server needs to be contacted unless one wish to get changes or share them.

  • DVCS : Distributed revision control systems
  • CVCS : Centralized systems
Pull, Push
Copy revisions from one repository into another. Push is initiated by the source repository and a pull is initiated by the receiving repository.

The database where they files current and historical data is stored. Often on a server so other can connect to it.

Working copy
A local copy of files from a repository, at a specific revisions.

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