Post Process Effects

If your are above 60 fps add chromatic aberration.

Flame on R.

Post effects are modifications of the image after it have been rendered. Many of these simulate photography and optics as the way to tell a story in film often is used in games.

Ambient Occlusion - Modify the lightning over a surface depending on how how exposed it is to the ambient lightning.

Anti-aliasing - Tries to minimize the aliasing in the image.

Bloom - Bright areas of the image bleed over into darker areas.

Chromatic Aberration -

Color Correction -

Depth of Field - Simulate a effective focus range on the camera where things outside the range appear blurry.

Lens Flare -

Motion Blur - Blur the image when the camera move rapidly.

Tonemapping - Map HDR colors to LDR colors.



Edge Detection


Custom SRP - Post Processing Bloom

The Sharpening Curse

Tile-based optimization for post processing

Adaptive Exposure from Luminance Histograms