Visual Studio

I started with Visual Studio 6.0

A integrated development environment from Microsoft with support for C,C++, C# and more. I use the Visual Assist plugin to get some useful features for C++.


For C++ use .natvis files to specify the debugger visualization rules for native types displayed in the debugger.

Visual Studio Hotkeys

  • Comment section : CTRL+K , CTRL+U
  • Ctrl+Shift+S : Save All

Visual Assist Hotkeys

  • Alt+O : Switch header/cpp
  • Shift+Alt+O: Open file in solution
  • Shift+Alt+S: Find symbol
  • Alt+G: Go to definition/implementation
  • Ctrl + Shift + Space show overload meny
  • Ctrl + . to get up VA quick menu
  • Shift+Alt+Q: Display refactoring menu on a word.
  • Shift+Alt+R: Rename