I use this website as a memory dump for gamedev things i might need in the future. I will update it with new things when i feel like it or when i need to forget things to make room for more. This site also have a repository at where i keep the code. If you have any questions ask on twitter.

Note: This is for my own personal memory dump so it's written to fit my style of thinking. Some of it might even be incorrect as i'm always learning :).
  Twitter: @spinningcubes
Youtube: Spinningcubes Channel  
Code: Hg
- Spinningcubes GitHub

  Games i have worked on

Titan Quest: Ragnarök
2017 / (PC)

 Kill to Collect
2016 / (PC)

Magicka 2
2015 / (PC/PS4)

Leviathan: Warships
2013 / (Mac/PC/iOS and Android)
 Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader
2012 / (PC and Mac)
2010 / (PC)
 Bionic Commando
2009 / (360, PS3 and PC)