Every great artist need to sacrifice to the Mayan blood god

Maya is a 3D modeling and animation software made by Autodesk. It's also the most stable program ever made so get use to pressing that save button. The Maya LT version is a subscription service.

    • Model - Create polygon model and UV map them.

    • Animation - Rig and animate characters.

    • Hypershade - Used to manage materials and shaders in maya.

    • Plugins - How to use and make plugins in maya.

    • Mel - Maya's script language.


  • Shift+click menu/button to show options menu.

  • Ctrl+Shift and click menu to add tool to shelf

Viewport Display

  • 4 - Vireframe mode

  • 5 - Shaded mode with default lighting.

  • ALT+5 - Toggle wireframe in shaded mode.

  • 6 - Shaded with texture maps

  • Alt+b - Toggle colors in viewport.

  • Viewport toolbar: Screen space ambient occussion -

  • Viewport toolbar: Multisample anti aliasing

Viewport Controls

  • Alt+LMB - Rotate

  • ALT+MMB - Move

  • Alt+RMB - Zoom

  • F - Frame selection in viewport

  • Viewport/View/Look at selection - To make camera turn and look at selection.

  • Spacebar hold - Show hotbox menu.

  • Viewport toolbar: Isolate select (Ctrl+1) - Toggle hide of other objects then selected.

Transform controls

  • q - select

  • w - move

  • e - rotate

  • r - scale

  • Hold button + hold LMB - Show menu to select space for transform

  • Show options for tools with Windows/General Editors/Toolsettings, double click on tool icon or toggle among top right icons in toolbar.

  • D - Switch to modify pivot

  • Menu/Modify/Center Pivot

  • Hold V before moving object: To enter snap to vertex mode.

  • If manipulator not visible select axis den middle mouse drag in view.

  • Hold x - Snap things to grid when move

  • holv v - Snap thing to vertices when move


  • LMB clears selection and select the thing clicked.

  • LMB+Shift toggle selection of thing clicked.

  • LMB+CTRL deslect thing clicked.

  • LMB+CTRL+SHIFT force select thing.

  • Drag select follows works the same way with shift and ctrl.

  • Create/Set/QuickSelectSet


  • Use the Windows/Outliner to get a list of objects in your scene

  • Ctrl+G : Group

  • MMB drag in outliner to move things

  • P: to parent

  • Shift+P to unparent


  • Ctrl+H : Hide select

  • Shift+H : Unhide selected

Export from maya

To export things use Export..., Game Exporter or Send to Unity / Send to Unreal.


Mesh Tools/Sculpting