Gxf Level Up

SetPixel(160,100, 44);

1 Create a view and clear the screen to a random color each 500ms. (display setup, clear, flip of frame)

2 Display a spinning cube in the center of the screen. (vertex data, draw)

3 Load a texture and display on the cube. (load texture, display texture)

4 Load two meshes with seperate textures and display beside each other. (seperate objects, switch states/shaders between draws)

5 Add a freefly perspective camera. (matrix handling)

And these are the ones i have planned for next week. If you have any better ideas let me know.

6 Lightning (shader)

7 Shadowmap (shaders, render to texture, use texture again)

8 Skinning (setting shader parameters)

9 Posteffect

10 Debug tools (learn the tools that exist for the API to make things more easy)