Thread API

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This is the page is about the thread support in C++ 11. For other API's and languages look at the sub pages (Thread API Windows).

Thread support library


The class represents a single thread of execution.

    • join : waits for a thread to finish its execution

    • detach : Make the thread execute independently from the thread handle.

    • get_id : Get the id of the thread

    • native_handle : Get the native handle of the thread.

    • hardware_concurrency : Return number of concurrent threads supported


Namespace functions related to the current running thread.

    • std::thread::id get_id() : Return a id for the current thread.

    • yield(): Hint that the thread has nothing more to do right now and can be put to sleep.


Limit access to a shared resources.

    • lock - Locks mutex, blocks if mutex is not available.

    • try_lock - Try to lock the mutex, returns false if mutex not available.

    • unlock - Unlocks the mutex

Atomic operations library




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