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Poly Modeling

  • Menu:Windows/Modeling Editors/Modeling toolkit for common used model tools.

  • Component mode is when you select to edit vertices, edges or faces.

  • Switch component mode in modeling toolkit window or RMB in viewport for menu.

  • SHIFT+RMB in viewport to get menu with options for current component mode.

  • G - Activate last used meshtool.

  • EditMesh/Bevel -

  • EditMesh/Extrude (Extrude) -

  • Mesh Tools/Insert Edge Loop -

  • Double click to select edge loop. Delete removes edge loop but not vertices. Use component menu Delete Edge (CTRL+Del) to delete edge and vertices.

  • Mesh Tools/Append to polygon - Create polygons by selecting edges on mesh

  • MeshTool/MultiCut - Cut faces into bits by connecting edges


  • Display/Polygons/Face normals

  • Vertex normals are green if the set to face, otherwise yellow

  • Mesh Display Menu - Manipulate the normals

  • - Set to face

  • - Soften / Harden edges

Windows/Modeling editors/Modeling toolkit or Poly Modeling Shelf

The most important tools for polygon mesh modeling.


Uv mapping in maya (Unfold3D)