Note to self: MySQL max_allowed_packet is in bytes, not Megabytes

Not knowing that made me shut down one game on release day

Besides the game client itself one might need to build up a Infrastructure of other servers and online services. Many of these functions are now build into the current popular online platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.It makes sense to use these as much as possible but if you need more you have to make your own.


The servers are divided according to their functionality. They can be combined on the same box or even the same program. What services the game needs depends on the game.

Game Servers

Runs the game world. The game world can be a 3d world with dragons and elfs or a a casino with many casiono tables.

Master Server

Keeps a list of all servers, lets the players browse them and matchmake to join a server. Join the game friends are in.


Database Server