Railgun from Quake II is still cool

Action games that focus on the player using some sort of weapon to shoot enemies.


Shooters are grouped by the way one sees the gameplay is it has a effect on how the game plays and what actions are possible in the game.



Top Down



The player has the ability to slow down time, sometimes so much that one can see individual bullets fly by. The ability is usually limited in some way so the player cant use it all the time.

Cover System

With a cover system the people in combat can take cover behind objects in the game world. A button is often used to move in and out of cover and to move between cover.

Active reload

With this the player has a choice to decrease the load time of a weapon by timing a button press. If the player does not press the button the weapon will reload in normal time. If he miss the timing window the reload will take longer and if he it the window the reload will be faster. By having a even smaller window one can allow for a perfect reload where the performance of the weapon increase until the next reload.


Instead of dying the player enters a down state where they can not act. They will bleed out and die after a period of time unless they are revived by a teammate. One option is to make the player be able to crawl or fire a sidearm when downed.


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