Optimize Graphics

All those moments will be lost in time like pixels in the color buffer

To optimize things other then graphic look at the Optimization page.

Profiling - Seconds

External: GPA, Nsight, PerfStudio, PIX, RenderDoc


GPU Profiling 101 - 2011

Accurately Profiling Direct3D API Calls (Direct3D 9)



Modularity and Drawcall - 2011

Accumulation to Improve Small-Batch Drawing - 2015

The Peak-Performance-Percentage Analysis Method for Optimizing Any GPU Workload - 2018

D3D12 Performance Tuning and Debugging with PIX and GPU Validation - 2017

PC GPU Performance Hot Spots - 2016

Are You Running Out of Video Memory? Detecting Video-Memory Overcommitment using GPUView - 2015

Tightening Up the Graphics: Tools and Techniques for Debugging and Optimization

Pablo Zurita's blog: Thoughts on rendering and system programming - 2017

Stuttering in Game Graphics: Detection and Solutions

Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial: The Elusive Frame Timing: A Case Study for Smoothness Over Speed - 2018

Optimizing unity renderer - 2015 - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Optimize Memory Transfers - Using CUDA profiler to figure out why our renderer is slow - 2018

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Assist Snow Simulation in Frostpunk*

What's up with my branch on GPU?

Make Your Game Friendly for Graphics Debugging and Optimization

Render state rant - 2007

Optimizing Trilinear Interpolation

Ways to speedup pixel shader execution

Optimizing Game Development with GPU Performance Events

Diagnosing performance issues in Unity

Optimizing VK/VKR and DX12/DXR Applications Using Nsight Graphics: GPU Trace Advanced Mode Metrics

Optimizing for the RDNA architecture: presentation notes

GPU Optimization for GameDev

Radeon™ GPU Profiler 1.7

Using Nsight Systems for Fixing Stutters in Games

What's up with my branch on GPU?

Artists’ best practices for mobile game development

Make Your Game Friendly for Graphics Debugging and Optimization

Getting started with Radeon Memory Visualizer (RMV)

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