Data type

The goal of any programmer is to unlock the secrets of the bit.


    • A single bit in a data type, like a integer.

    • In C++ they are accessed with bitwise operations.

    • A bitmask is a integer that select a number of bits. Ex 0x4 select the third bit.

    • Bit Fields - 2013


  • A true or false value.

  • In C++ it's stored in a int and 0 is false and everything else is true.


    • Integer is a data type that represents a subset of whole numbers.

    • Unsigned can only contain non-negative numbers. Signed can have both positive and negative values.

    • Width of an integral type is the number of bits it use.

Real numbers



    • A single text character in a alphabet but it often also include control characters such as new line.

    • Typically combined into strings.

    • Each character is a number and how many bits are needed for a character depends on the size of the character set.

    • The mapping of character number to a specific symbol is called the character encoding.


    • Strings are a array of characters.

    • It contain the length of the string or it ends with a special characters (0 in C strings).