AmiDevCpp is a C/C++ crossplatform IDE where development can be done on Windows and then run on Amiga 3.x. Here is a small guide on how to use it.

    1. Download AmiDevCpp.

    2. Install it. Seems to be problems with space in the install path so i used c:\amidevcpp.

    3. Start AmiDev and select the menu File/New/Project.

    4. Select Tab Amiga_m68k and the project hello world.

    5. Name project hello world and select C as the language.

    6. Select a directory to save the project files.

    7. Start Amiga Forever and use the menu Tool/Amiga Files.

    8. Go to Amiga Files\Shared\dir\Work and create a new directory called myprojects.

    9. Enter myproject and then copy whole path for it.

    10. Return to amidev and selec the menu Project/options

    11. In tab build options select Executable output directory to be the path to myprojects.

    12. Select the menu Execute/Rebuild all to compile and link the program.

    13. It should show up in your Amiga Files directory.

    14. Start Amiga Forever with config Systems Workbench 3.X

    15. Select the work drive and right click window and do a Window/Show/All Files

    16. Enter the folder myprojects and start helloworld