In fighting games the player controls a character and engages in close combat with one opponent.


Character selection

Each character have it's own style when fighting. Before each match the player can often select what character to play. This is gated so the player unlocks more characters as he plays the game.

Dimension of movement

How the characters can move relative to each other.

    • 2D: Characters are confined to moving left and right and jumping. It is like they are moving around in their own 2D plane.

    • 3D:

Special Moves

Normal attacks are often linked directly to single buttons but special moves can be made by using a sequence of button and stick movements.


A combo is a special chain of attacks that can be performed in sequence. If you do a kick followed by a punch at the right time your punch might be different from the normal punch. Keeping the chain going for a long time makes the attacks more powerful.


A fight is often played in three rounds and when ones who wins the most rounds wins the fight.


If a round takes to long the fighters health can begin to drain to force it to end.

Life bars

Shows the health of a fighter and when it hits zero the fighter is out.


The single player campaign is often in the form of a tournament.


When a character is hit they will be stunned for a short period of time. This can interrupt any attack or movement they do.


A character that is hit will be pushed away by the attack.

Hitlag / Freeze frame

A character that hits something with his attack will freeze for a short period when the attack connects.

Defensive Moves




If one manage to perform a parry at the movement of impact of a incoming attack, the attack will be deflected. The attacker will recover slower so the person that parried will have a chance to attack back.

Offensive Moves