int hello; ///< The hello int

Doxygen is a tool to generate documentation from annotated C++ sources. Also works with other languages such as C# and Python.

Make doxygen use a comment

Put the comment directly before the thing you wish to document and use the one of the following styles.

    • For a C++ style comment start it with ///

    • For a C style comment start it with /**

Member Documentation

You can also put a documentation after a member like a class variable and enum. This is done by using < in the comment.

    • C++ style member comment start it with ///<

    • C style member comment start it with /**<

Document a file

To document a file or to put documentation some other place then right beside the thing to be documented one can use a structural command. The are in the form of a word with a \ in the comments with some optional parameters depending on the command.

/// \file


/// This file contains classes to handle the smileys in the game.

Style it better

It is possible to use markup to make the documentation a bit easy to read with bold text, lists and other things.