Waiting for Lumen

Light Types

    • Directional: Outdoor lights or lights from extreme or near-infinite distances

    • Point light: Light bulb style that emit on all directions from a single point

    • Spot light : From a single point but limited by a set of cones

    • Sky light: Capture background of scene and apply it as light

    • Rect: Emit light from a rectecgular plane

Light Mobility

The mobility setting changes how the engine handles lighting and shadowing.


    • Lights that cannot change or move in any way at runtime.

    • Lighting and shadows precalculated.

    • Memory for lightmaps.


    • Lights that can change some parameters but can not move.

    • Bakes light and shadows for static objects also cast dynamic shadows for moveables (only four overlapping)


    • Completly dynamic light and shadows that can change any proptery they have at runtime.

    • Lighting and shadows calculated almost every frame


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