Anyone that think 3D movies is the future need to return to 1983 and Jaws 3-D

This section it about how to render 3D graphics. When you finally understand part of it someone has found a better way and you need to learn it again. Enjoy.

Triangles Are Precious - Let's Treat Them With Care

3D Game Rendering 101

Applying for Entry Level Graphics Jobs in Games


This is how the 3D data itself is represented. The most common way is to use polygons and many of the others end up using polygons to draw things in the end.

Pre Rendering

  • Culling - Choose what is visible so you do not have to send everything in the world to the graphics card.
    • LOD - If something is far away use less details to draw it.
  • Imposters - If something is Really far away use a image of it instead.
  • Billboard - Draw something that is always facing the camera. Used by particle system and imposters.
    • Animation - Make things move.
    • Blending - How will the things you send to the graphic card interact with the things that are already drawn.


    • Texture - Images that you can use on objects and many other strange things.
    • Shaders - How the strange things are done with textures.
    • Material - The combination of shaders, textures and all other parameters to draw an object.
    • Shadows - How to find out if a light hits a part of a surface...
    • Lighting - ... and if it do how much light get there from the light.


    • Architecture - How to design and setup the rendering part of a engine.
    • Deferred Rendering - Pick the order to cull, light and texture your surfaces.
    • Z-Buffer - How the hardware keep track of the distance to the things you draw.
    • Anti-aliasing - Try to hide the fact that you use small pixels to show things on the screen.
    • Ray tracing - Rendering where you start at each pixel and look out into the world to see what is visible at it.

Post Rendering

    • Post Process - Tweak your completed rendered image so it looks like you want it.


    • Characters - You are used to look at people, that's what makes them hard to render.
    • Effects - What cool effects can you do. Learn how the classic ones was made.
    • Compute - Using compute on the GPU for rendering.
    • Game Articles - Articles about specific games or engines.


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