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The CPU is a eight-core AMD Jaguar at 1.6 GHz/2.1 Ghz. The cores are split into two groups that each have a 2 MB L2 cache. Each core has a 32 kB L1 instruction and data caches.


AMD Radeon GCN GPU .


8 GB of GDDR5. Memory is shared among the CPU and GPU. There are three buses that are used to access memory. The GPU buses can be used to select if the data accessed by the GPU need to be in sync with what the CPU think it is set to.

    • CPU Bus: 20 GiB/s

    • GPU Onion bus: 10 GiB/s cache-choherent access. Use for shared data between CPU and GPU. Ex are shader parameters.

    • GPU Garlic bus: 176 GiB/s non cache-coherent access. Use for data used exclusively by the GPU. Ex are frame buffers, geometry buffers.


DualShock 4.