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C++ is a programming language based on C that feature object-oriented programming. Most C code can also compile in C++. The latest version of C++ is C++17.

Learning C++

To learn C++ you need a c++ compiler, a text editor and something to learn it from. To make things easy use a integrated development environment that has a compiler built it. My suggestion is that for windows use Visual Studio, for Mac use Xcode and for Linux use ???. All of these are free. For a way to learn i list the options below by medium.

C++ language

Project Managment



The pImpl Idiom - 2019

C Is Not a Low-level Language - 2018

Simplicity: Not Just For Beginners - 2018

Jason Turner C++ Weekly - 2016

Game engine using STD C++ 11 - 2016

C++ in Huge AAA Games - 2014

Managing Decoupling - 2013: One, Two, Three, Four

Managing Data Relationships - 2009

C++ Runtime Code Reload

Obscure C++ Features

Modernes C++

Fluent C++

=== Modern C++

C++, it’s not you. It’s me - 2019

Gamedev introduction to 'Modern' C++ - 2019

"Modern" C++ Lamentations - 2018

Thoughts on Modern C++ and Game Dev - 2018

Modern C++” != “New(est) Standard - 2018

Modern C++ Features – Quality-of-Life Features - 2018

Modern C++ for C Programmers - 2018

Modernizing Legacy C++ Code - 2014

=== Speed

Is C++ fast? - 2019

How LLVM Optimizes a Function - 2018

Four Habit-Forming Tips to Faster C++ - 2016

=== Books

More C++ Idioms

C++ Programming

Reflection for aggregates - 2020

Parsing C Style Expressions - 2015

Game Programming Primer - 2013

Z7: Everything old is new again - 2010

Optimizations that aren't - 2010

Death by static initialization - 2010

Binary Heaps in C - 2016

6th tip to understand legacy code - 2018

How to Write Great Unit Tests - 2020

Windows Timer Resolution: The Great Rule Change - 2020

Orthodox C++

Plenary: Performance Matters - Emery Berger - 2020

Handling errors is canceling operations - 2019

Accio Dependency Manager - 2018

A can of span - 2018

C++ programming tips - 2017

Plugins in C - 2012

Understanding the x64 code models - 2012

Programmatic access to the call stack in C++ - 2015

C++: RAII without exceptions - 2016

Returning multiple values from functions in C++ - 2016

Perfect forwarding and universal references in C++ - 2014

Type erasure and reification - 2018

Type inference - 2018

Covariance and contravariance in subtyping - 2018

C++ programming tips - 2017

Full Stack Tracing


C++11/14 at Scale: What Have We Learned?


Finding Bugs with AddressSanitizer: Patterns from Open Source Projects



Best Practices for Authoring Generic Data Structures


C++20 Coroutines: sketching a minimal async framework

What auto&& means

How C++ Resolves a Function Call

A New Cross-Platform Open Source C++ Framework

A Flexible Reflection System in C++: Part 1 & Part 2

Virtual Inheritance in C++ - 2021

C++ build throughput investigation and tune up - 2021

SizeBench: a new tool for analyzing Windows binary size - 2021

Extending and Simplifying C++: Thoughts on Pattern Matching using `is` and `as` - Herb Sutter