You have 99 bottles of beer

A inventory system allows the player to store items and carry them around.

Unlimited inventories

This inventory puts no limit on how many things a player can carry around.

Limited Inventories

This limit what items they player can carry.

Rule of 99

The player can store a fixed number of items of each but other than that there is no limit. The 99 is from the fact that early role playing games limited it to max two digits.

The Weighted Inventory

Each item has a weight.

The Visual Grid

This type of inventory show the inventory as a grid for the player. Each item takes up a number of slots. As an example a a knife takes 1 slot, a sword 1x3 and a shield 2x2.


There is a number of slots in the inventory and each slot allows certain types of items to be in it. Some items might stack in the slot.


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