The best way to write is on a Olivetti typewritter

To get better at writing game ideas i follow this small guide.

1: Use Mobygames random function to pick four existing games. The link to the next random game is two crossed arrows to the right of the sites menu links. I often pick games with a common element. Such as games release on the Amiga or games with some form of vehicle.

2: For each one write a three paragrah game pitch that use the selected game for inspiration.

    • Look - How do the player see it and what does it look like.

    • Do - What do the player do.

    • Pillars - Core elements of the game

3: Sort the games with the ones you would write more about at the top (A) and the least preferable ones at the end of the list (D).

4: Roll a D10 to pick one of the games.

A: 1-4

B: 5-7

C: 8-9

D: 10

5: Write a three page pitch with pictures about the game .