All work and no play makes Vim a dull boy

How to get started making games

To get started one needs some software and here i list the ones to start with. There are some basic software that is often needed no matter what role one has on the development team.

    • Engine. Download Unity or Unreal.

    • Text editor. Editing text files are common so get Sublime.

    • Version control system. Always good to keep track of version even if working alone. Tortoisehg.





How to find a job making games

What online presence can help me get a game job?

This is the order of importance for your websites. They will look at your Portfolio first and if they like it the will check if they are connected to you on LinkedIn.

Your Portfolio


Online Repository



Your ability to produce short one-liners below 140 characters is not important to make games. The only way where your twitter skill is a bonus is if you are trying to get a job in marketing. If you use twitter or any other social media make sure that you are nice on it and you do not say stupid things. Why would anyone hire someone that behave like an halfwit in a public forum?

How to get fired when making games

Most game companies has as much stability as a house of cards so you will get fired. Even if you are working for the largest publisher with oceans of money you will get downsized and fired. It will happen and instead of worrying about it you should prepare for it. Here is a list of things to keep your life raft ready when the ship at daytime slams into into the only iceberg in the ocean.

    • Add people you enjoy working with to LinkedIn. Best way to get a job is a reference.

    • Keep a stash of money for your time as unemployed. If possible make sure you qualify for unemployment benefits.

    • Always keep your portfolio and LinkedIn updated.

    • When a game is in development take time once every third month to capture images, movies and whatever else you need for your portfolio. When a game is complete (or/and you get fired...) update your portfolio directly.

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