Yes it was really made by Microsoft

This is a interpreted Basic version made by Microsoft. To run this the user needs to have Amiga Basic and it is only included with AmigaOS 1.1 to 1.3.

Guide - Make, run and save a simple Amiga Basic program.

This guide used Amiga Forever 2012.

    1. Start Amiga Forever and select the 1.3 Amiga setup.

    2. Right click to edit it. In the media tab click add in the lower part of the window. Select Create Blank and name your new floppy disc as bascode.adf and click OK. This disc will be used to save the basic program code. Close the edit window and then run the Workbench 1.3 setup.

    3. When your virtual amiga is started click the Workbench1.3 icon and then AmigaBasic.

    4. Enter the code found on this this page into the List window.

    5. To run the program select Run/Start from the menu. Right click on the LIST window to show the menu.

    6. Click the disc icon in the lower part of Amiga forever window and select Insert your bascode.adf disc.

    7. Select Project/Save from the menu.

    8. Use the name DF0:smiley. It's a DF and a Zero not the letter o. DF0: is the floppy drive.

    9. Shutdown Amiga forever and say yes to commit disc changes. If you remove the checkbox mark it will Not save down your changes to your floppy disc.

Code: smiley


SUB DrawCircle(px,py,r,c) STATIC

dToR = 3.14/180

FOR t = 0 TO 360 STEP 5

x = r * COS(t*dToR) + px

y = r * SIN(t*dToR) + py

PSET (x,y),c



CALL DrawCircle(100!, 100!, 20!, 1!)

CALL DrawCircle(92!, 92!, 4!, 3!)

CALL DrawCircle(108!, 92!, 4!, 3!)


How to share the program

    1. Right click on the WorkBench 1.3 config and select edit.

    2. Select the Media tab.

    3. From the disks list drag and drop the bascode.adf to your windows desktop. You can now send the file to other people.

How to run programs on a disc from others

    1. Download the disc to your windows desktop. My example disc can be downloaded here.

    2. Run the Amiga Forever WorkBench 1.3 config that is found in the Systems panel.

    3. Click the disc icon in the Amiga Forever toolbar below the window. Select Insert/From file and select the file you have downloaded.

    4. It will show up as an icon on your Amiga desktop. Click it to see the content and the names of the files.

    5. Then start AmigaBasic and use Project/Open to open one of the files. Ex DF0:smiley.

    6. Then select Run/Start from the menu.